„Psychologically our thought-apart from its expression in words-is only a shapeless and indistinct mass.“

— Ferdinand de Saussure, Context: Psychologically our thought-apart from its expression in words-is only a shapeless and indistinct mass. Philosophers and linguists have always agreed in recognizing that without the help of signs we would be unable to make a clear-cut, consistent distinction between two ideas. Without language, thought is a vague, uncharted nebula. here are no pre-existing ideas, and nothing is distinct before the appearance of language. p. 111-112


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„“Strength of creative writing lies in the skill of handling words and articulating artistic expression of feelings.”“

— Suman Pokhrel Nepali poet, lyricist, playwright, translator and artist 1967
<span class="plainlinks"> Foreword, 'Tales of Transformation: English Translation of Tagore's Chitrangada and Chandalika', Lopamudra Banerjee, (2018). https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07DQPD8F4/</span>

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„Music is only love looking for words.“

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„Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.“

— Alfred Adler Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Personality Theorist 1870 - 1937

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