„It's not a problem. There are people out there with much worse problems than mine."-Cynthia
"Doesn't make yours any more fun to bear."-Liza
"No. But it does help with the self-pity."- Cynthia“

Jennifer Crusie40
American writer 1949

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„I think the government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem and very often makes the problem worse.“

—  Milton Friedman American economist, statistician, and writer 1912 - 2006
An Economist's Protest (1975), p. 6; often quoted as "The government solution to a problem is usually as bad as the problem."

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„For me, pressure is bird flu. I'm feeling a lot of pressure with the problem in Scotland. It's not fun and I'm more scared of it than football.“

—  José Mourinho Portuguese association football player and manager 1963

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„Will an Iraq war make our Al Qaeda problem worse? Not likely.“

—  Christopher Hitchens British American author and journalist 1949 - 2011
A Long Short War: The Postponed Liberation of Iraq (Plume, 2003) [published in the United Kingdom as Regime Change]; quoted in "The Genocidal Imagination of Christopher Hitchens" http://mrzine.monthlyreview.org/seymour261105.html by Richard Seymour, Monthly Review (2005-11-26): On the 2003 invasion of Iraq

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„The problem is not that people are taxed too little, the problem is that government spends too much.“

—  Ronald Reagan American politician, 40th president of the United States (in office from 1981 to 1989) 1911 - 2004