„America has become one of the foremost countries in regard to the depth of the abyss which lies between the handful of arrogant multimillionaires who wallow in filth and luxury, and the millions of working people who constantly live on the verge of pauperism.“

— Vladimír Iljič Lenin, Collected Works, Vol. 28, p. 62–75.

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John F. Kennedy photo

„This is one country. It has become one country because all of us and all the people who came here had an equal chance to develop their talents.“

— John F. Kennedy 35th president of the United States of America 1917 - 1963
Context: This is one country. It has become one country because all of us and all the people who came here had an equal chance to develop their talents. We cannot say to 10 percent of the population that you can't have that right; that your children can't have the chance to develop whatever talents they have; that the only way that they are going to get their rights is to go into the streets and demonstrate. I think we owe them and we owe ourselves a better country than that. Therefore, I am asking for your help in making it easier for us to move ahead and to provide the kind of equality of treatment which we would want ourselves; to give a chance for every child to be educated to the limit of his talents. As I have said before, not every child has an equal talent or an equal ability or an equal motivation, but they should have the equal right to develop their talent and their ability and their motivation, to make something of themselves.

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„The wealthy man is not he who has money, but he who has the means to live in the luxurious state of early spring.“

— Anton Chekhov Russian dramatist, author and physician 1860 - 1904
Letter to L.A. Avilova (April 29, 1892)

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„To him who has nothing it is forbidden not to relish filth.“

— Samuel Beckett Irish novelist, playwright, and poet 1906 - 1989

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„The knowledge of the cross brings a conflict of interest between God who has become man and man who wishes to become God.“

— Jürgen Moltmann, The Crucified God: The Cross of Christ as the Foundation and Criticism of Christian Theology

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„I am opposing a social order in which it is possible for one man who does absolutely nothing that is useful to amass a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars, while millions of men and women who work all the days of their lives secure barely enough for a wretched existence.“

— Eugene V. Debs American labor and political leader 1855 - 1926
"Statement to the Court Upon Being Convicted of Violating the Sedition Act" (18 September 1918) http://www.marxists.org/archive/debs/works/1918/court.htm

Friedrich Nietzsche photo
Friedrich Nietzsche photo

„He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.“

— Friedrich Nietzsche German philosopher, poet, composer, cultural critic, and classical philologist 1844 - 1900
Beyond Good and Evil, Aphorism 146