„I had a desire to see something besides my own shores, if only to be content to return to them someday. If I wish to live in my native land and love her, it should not be out of ignorance.“

Margaret George photo
Margaret George9
American writer 1943

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William Lloyd Garrison photo

„I cherish as strong a love for the land of my nativity as any man living. I am proud of her civil, political and religious institutions — of her high advancement in science, literature and the arts — of her general prosperity and grandeur. But I have some solemn accusations to bring against her.“

—  William Lloyd Garrison American journalist 1805 - 1879
Context: I cherish as strong a love for the land of my nativity as any man living. I am proud of her civil, political and religious institutions — of her high advancement in science, literature and the arts — of her general prosperity and grandeur. But I have some solemn accusations to bring against her. I accuse her of insulting the majesty of Heaven with the grossest mockery that was ever exhibited to man — inasmuch as, professing to be the land of the free and the asylum of the oppressed, she falsifies every profession, and shamelessly plays the tyrant. I accuse her, before all nations, of giving an open, deliberate and base denial to her boasted Declaration, that "all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." I accuse her of disfranchising and proscribing nearly half a million free people of color, acknowledging them not as countrymen, and scarcely as rational beings, and seeking to drag them thousands of miles across the ocean on a plea of benevolence, when they ought to enjoy all the rights, privileges and immunities of American citizens. I accuse her of suffering a large portion of her population to be lacerated, starved and plundered, without law and without justification, at the will of petty tyrants. I accuse her of trafficking in the bodies and souls of men, in a domestic way, to an extent nearly equal to the foreign slave trade; which traffic is equally atrocious with the foreign, and almost as cruel in its operations. I accuse her of legalizing, on an enormous scale, licentiousness, fraud, cruelty and murder. Address to the World Anti-slavery Convention, London (12 July 1833)

Luís de Camões photo

„I am ending the course of my life, but the world will bear witness how I have loved my country; I have returned not only to die on her bosom, but to die with her!“

—  Luís de Camões Portuguese poet 1524 - 1580
Letters, Enfim acabarei a vida e verão todos que fui tão afeiçoado à minha Pátria que não só me contentei de morrer nela, mas com ela. Letter to Don Francisco de Almeyda, 1579; written after "the disaster of Alcácer-Kebir when the mad King Sebastião's mammoth invasion of Morocco ended in his death and the destruction or enslavement of all but one hundred of his army of over 20,000. [Camões] died on 10 June 1580, just before the throne passed to Philip II of Spain", as reported by Landeg White in The Lusiads (Oxford World's Classics, 2001), p. x; quoted as Camões' last words in The Yale Literary Magazine, Vol. VIII (January, 1843), No. 3, "Luis de Camoëns", p. 115.

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Jean Dubuffet photo
Octavio Paz photo

„I remember my loves, my conversation, my friendships. I remember it all, see it all, see them all.“

—  Octavio Paz Mexican writer laureated with the 1990 Nobel Prize for Literature 1914 - 1998
The Clerk's Vision (1949), Context: I remember my loves, my conversation, my friendships. I remember it all, see it all, see them all. With melancholy, but without nostalgia. And above all, without hope. I know that it is immortal, and that, if we are anything, we are the hope of something. For me, expectation has spent itself. I quit the nevertheless, the even, the in spite of everything, the moratoriums, the excuses and forgiving. I know the mechanism of the trap of morality and the drowsiness of certain words. I have lost faith in all those constructions of stone, ideas, ciphers. I quit. I no longer defend this broken tower. And, in silence, I await the event.

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Amet-khan Sultan photo

„Love and boundless devotion to the great Motherland does not exclude love for the native land, for the native places, and graves of ancestors; on the contrary, this last love decorates and enhances the love for the great Motherland, it adorns and enriches human happiness … Our Great Homeland consists of our native lands: the great friendly family of Soviet peoples consists of our people, of our families. Everything that hinders the world, the happiness of the family and the people, should be carefully studied and eliminated, because peace, friendship and the power of our country, our people depend on it. Proceeding from these convictions, in the name of friendship and happiness of all nations, I am the son of my people, at the same time infinitely loyal to the Great Motherland, my own Communist Party – a citizen of the USSR – a son of the Soviet people, I appeal to the Leninist Party: 1. My people are humiliated and offended by the fact that they were expelled from their native land without need or reason. Return them to their native land - Crimea. 2. Equality is taken away from the people. Restore this equality, and allow them into the monolithic friendly family of the peoples of the USSR as an equal people.“

—  Amet-khan Sultan WWII fighter pilot and twice Hero of the Soviet Union who went on to become test pilot 1920 - 1971
Quotes by Amet-khan, Любовь и беспредельная преданность великой Родине не исключают любви к родному краю, к родным местам, могилам своих предков, наоборот, эта последняя любовь украшает и усиливает любовь к великой Родине, она украшает и обогащает человеческое счастье… Великая наша Родина состоит и из наших родных краев: великая дружественная семья советских народов состоит из наших народов, из наших семей. Всё, что мешает миру, счастью семьи и народа, должно быть заботливо изучено и устранено, ибо от этого зависит мир, дружба и могущество нашей страны, нашего народа. Исходя из этих убеждений, во имя дружбы и счастья всех народов, я — сын своего народа, вместе с тем беспредельно преданный Великой Родине, родной Коммунистической партии — гражданин СССР — сын советского народа, обращаюсь к ленинской партии с просьбой: 1. Народ мой унижен, оскорблён тем, что безвинно, без нужды и основания выслан из родного края. Верните его в родной край — Крым. 2. У народа отнято равноправие. Восстановите это равноправие, верните его в монолитную дружественную семью народов СССР как равноправный народ. From a petition he signed (letter) http://ndkt.org/yu.-osmanov-ob-amethane-sultane.html to the leadership of the Soviet Union resquesting the rehabilitation and right of return for the Crimean Tatar people

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Marc Chagall photo
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Hywel ab Owain Gwynedd photo

„O England's hate is my love unsleeping, Gwynedd my land,
Golden on every hand to the myriad reaping.
For her bounty of mead I love her, winter content,
Where turbulent wastes of the sea but touch and are spent;
I love her people, quiet peace, rich store of her treasure
Changed at her prince's pleasure to splendid war.“

—  Hywel ab Owain Gwynedd poet
Caraf trachas Lloegyr, lleudir goglet hediw, ac yn amgant y Lliw lliwas callet. Caraf am rotes rybuched met, myn y dyhaet my meith gwyrysset. Carafy theilu ae thew anhet yndi ac wrth uot y ri rwyfaw dyhet. "Gorhoffedd" (The Boast), line 3; translation from Robert Gurney Bardic Heritage (London: Chatto & Windus, 1969) p. 39.

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Cassandra Clare photo

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“