„Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.“

—  Lewis Carroll, livro Alice no País das Maravilhas
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Lewis Carroll19
1832 - 1898

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„Stellar wars are a sort of parallel reality in the filmic imagination, terrestrial wars are still today a harsh daily reality.“

—  Fausto Cercignani Italian scholar, essayist and poet 1941
Examples of self-translation (c. 2004), Quotes - Zitate - Citations - Citazioni

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„Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.“

—  John Lennon English singer and songwriter 1940 - 1980
As quoted in Sunday Herald Sun [Melbourne, Australia] (13 January 2003)]

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„The only way art lives is through the experience of the observer. The reality of art begins with the eyes of the beholder, through imagination, invention and confrontation.“

—  Keith Haring American artist and social activist whose work responded to the New York City street culture of the 1980s by expressing… 1958 - 1990
Haring – Art in Transit http://www.haring.com/!/selected_writing/haring-art-in-transit#.V1cw0tIrKyw The Keith Haring Foundation

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„A revolutionary war against a modern metropolitan state can only be fought in hell.“

—  Nick Land British philosopher 1962
"Kant, Capital, and the Prohibition of Incest" (1988–9), in Fanged Noumena, p. 79

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„The science of weapons and war has made us all“

—  John F. Kennedy 35th president of the United States of America 1917 - 1963
1963, UN speech, Context: The United Nations cannot survive as a static organization. Its obligations are increasing as well as its size. Its Charter must be changed as well as its customs. The authors of that Charter did not intend that it be frozen in perpetuity. The science of weapons and war has made us all, far more than 18 years ago in San Francisco, one world and one human race, with one common destiny. In such a world, absolute sovereignty no longer assures us of absolute security. The conventions of peace must pull abreast and then ahead of the inventions of war. The United Nations, building on its successes and learning from its failures, must be developed into a genuine world security system.

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„War is wretched beyond description, and only a fool or a fraud could sentimentalize its cruel reality.“

—  John McCain politician from the United States 1936 - 2018
1990s, Speech to the American Red Cross "Promise of Humanity" conference http://mccain.senate.gov/index.cfm?fuseaction=Newscenter.ViewPressRelease&Content_id=820 (6 May 1999).

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„Human imagination is immensely poorer than reality.“

—  Cesare Pavese Italian poet, novelist, literary critic, and translator 1908 - 1950
This Business of Living (1935-1950)

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