„War is a bazaar where lives are traded like any other commodity: chocolate or bullets or parachute silk.“

—  Anthony Doerr, livro Toda a Luz que Não Podemos Ver

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„When war becomes a trade, it benefits, like all other trades, from the division of labour.“

—  Jean-Baptiste Say French economist and businessman 1767 - 1832
A Treatise On Political Economy (Fourth Edition) (1832), Book III, On Consumption, Chapter VI, Section II, p. 429

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„The bullets bursted [sic] at the time of the war, and we used to die with bullets, but now let us die quietly.“

—  Hollow Horn Bear 19th century Lakota chief and policeman 1850 - 1913
During negotiations with Crook and others, in [Books on Google Play Congressional Serial Set, 1890, U.S. Government Printing Office, https://books.google.com/books?id=lQ0ZAAAAYAAJ, 1 March 2018, 59]

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„But a war of any scope will give rise to others as formidable.“

—  Simone Weil French philosopher, Christian mystic, and social activist 1909 - 1943
Context: The prospects of revolution seem therefore quite restricted. For can a revolution avoid war? It is, however, on this feeble chance that we must stake everything or abandon all hope. An advanced country will not encounter, in the case of revolution, the difficulties which in backward Russia served as a base for the barbarous regime of Stalin. But a war of any scope will give rise to others as formidable. "Reflections on War" (1933); also in Formative Writings (2009)

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„A war today or tomorrow, if it led to nuclear war, would not be like any war in history.“

—  John F. Kennedy 35th president of the United States of America 1917 - 1963
1963, Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty speech, Context: A war today or tomorrow, if it led to nuclear war, would not be like any war in history. A full-scale nuclear exchange, lasting less than 60 minutes, with the weapons now in existence, could wipe out more than 300 million Americans, Europeans, and Russians, as well as untold numbers elsewhere. And the survivors, as Chairman Khrushchev warned the Communist Chinese, "the survivors would envy the dead." For they would inherit a world so devastated by explosions and poison and fire that today we cannot even conceive of its horrors. So let us try to turn the world away from war. Let us make the most of this opportunity, and every opportunity, to reduce tension, to slow down the perilous nuclear arms race, and to check the world's slide toward final annihilation.

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„War breeds war. That is all it can do. War does nothing but devour valuable resources and destroy precious lives for the sole purpose of perpetuating itself. As Randolph Bourne wrote, “War is the health of the State.” War is a mechanism used by the ruling elites of the State to coerce and control the people, so it becomes essential that whenever one war is complete, another is instigated elsewhere so that the mechanism keeps running.
On the other hand, peace breeds prosperity. If War is indeed the “health of the State,” then Peace can be nothing less than the “health of the People.” Being at peace means valuable natural resources can be preserved and used at home where we need them most. Being at peace means young fathers and mothers can live and enjoy free trade, not only among themselves but with the world, instead of dying capriciously and unnecessarily, for political gain or to line the pockets of those who profit from their sacrifice.
History teaches us that the key elements to prosperity are freedom and peace. You don’t go to war with people you like, or with people you know, or with people with whom you are trading and doing business. Even after our fledgling republic was nearly torn asunder in civil war which literally pitted brother against brother and nearly destroyed the South, our reunited nation and all its people advanced and prospered after peace was restored.“

—  R. Lee Wrights American gubernatorial candidate 1958 - 2017
2012, " Why Peace? Why Not? http://www.libertyforall.net/?p=7277," Liberty For All (11 February 2012, retrieved 25 February 2012). Republished http://original.antiwar.com/lee-wrights/2012/02/15/why-peace-why-not/ by Antiwar.com (16 February 2012).

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„Trade is the oldest and most important economic nexus among nations. Indeed, trade along with war ha been central to the evolution of international relations.“

—  Robert Gilpin Political scientist 1930 - 2018
The Political Economy of International Relations (1987), Chapter Five, The Politics Of International Trade, p. 171

„It would be a fine thing if war could be conducted as a game where no lives were lost.“

—  David Gemmell, livro Legend
Drenai series, Legend, Pt 1: Against the Horde, Context: It would be a fine thing if war could be conducted as a game where no lives were lost. At the end of a battle combatants could meet [... ] and drink and talk. Ch. 28

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