„To feel. To trust the feeling. I long for that“

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Ingmar Bergman13
1918 - 2007

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„Our feelings are unreliable and cannot be trusted to convey truth.“

—  Joyce Meyer, Living Beyond Your Feelings: Controlling Emotions So They Don't Control You

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„The love I feel for you
Is so deep and runs so true
That I even love the longing
That I feel because of you.“

—  Florbela Espanca Portuguese poet 1894 - 1930
Quoted in Citações e pensamentos de Florbela Espanca (2011), p. 192 Translation by John D. Godinho

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„I feel healthy! I feel happy I feel terrific“

—  W. Clement Stone American New Thought author 1902 - 2002
Daily mantra for positive self-suggestion which he recommended in Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude (1960) and his teachings. <!-- One unsourced anecdote states that he even declared this to a fellow passsenger on an airplane, saying: "Stand up. Raise your arms. Repeat after me: I feel healthy! I feel happy! I feel terrific! -->