„Ask nothing; want nothing in return. Give what you have to give; it will come back to you, but do not think of that now.“

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Swami Vivekananda4
1863 - 1902

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„I never think about what I want. It's about what you want to give to other people.“

—  Oprah Winfrey American businesswoman, talk show host, actress, producer, and philanthropist 1954
As quoted in The Money Adventure (1998) by Egbert Sukop, p. 128

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„I think if you put a smile on people's faces, they give that back to you.“

—  Heidi Klum German model, television host, businesswoman, fashion designer, television producer, and actress 1973
Interview on The Early Show, December 2004.

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„If you can think of nothing that wouldn't do harm, then do nothing.“

—  Noam Chomsky american linguist, philosopher and activist 1928
Context: Let me just put the whole thing in a kind of mundane level. Like, suppose you walk out in the street, this evening, and you see a crime being committed, you know, somebody is robbing someone else. Well, you have three choices. One choice is to try to stop it, maybe you call 911 or something. Another choice is to do nothing. A third choice is to pick up an assault rifle and kill 'em both, and kill a bystander at the same time. Well, suppose you do that, and somebody says, "Well, you know, why did you do that?" And you say, "Look, I couldn't stand by and do nothing." I mean, is that a response? If you can think of nothing that wouldn't do harm, then do nothing. And the same is true, magnified, in international affairs. Apart from the fact that there were things that could have been done. Panel with Edward Said at Columbia University, New York, April 1999 http://www.democracynow.org/article.pl?sid=03/04/07/042214

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