„Tact is just lying for adults.“


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„It’s not lying, it’s flirting.“

—  Neil Strauss, The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

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„Children and fooles can not ly.“

—  John Heywood English writer known for plays, poems and a collection of proverbs 1497 - 1580
Children and fools cannot lie. Part I, chapter 11.

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„Lying is the greatest of all sins.“

—  Alfred Nobel Swedish chemist, innovator, and armaments manufacturer 1833 - 1896

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„To overvalue something is a form of lying.“

—  Baltasar Gracián Spanish Jesuit and baroque prose writer and philosopher 1601 - 1658
Maxim 41 (p. 24)

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„Peer, you are lying!“

—  Henrik Ibsen Norwegian playwright, theatre director, and poet 1828 - 1906
Åse, Act I, Scene I