„The world know it not; but you, Autumn, I confess it: your wind at night-fall stabs deep into my heart“


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„The long sobs of
The violins
Of autumn
Lay waste my heart
With monotones
Of boredom.“

—  Paul Verlaine French poet 1844 - 1896
"Chanson d'automne", line 1, from Poèmes saturniens (1866); Sorrell p. 24

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„Dear youths, I warn you cherish peace divine,
And in your hearts lay deep these words of mine.“

—  Pythagoras ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher -585 - -500 a.C.
As reported by Heraclides, son of Sarapion, and Diogenes Laërtius, in Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers, "Pythagoras", Sect. 7, in the translation of C. D. Yonge (1853)

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„Autumn colors remind us we are all one dancing in the wind.“

—  Lorin Morgan-Richards American poet, cartoonist, and children's writer 1975
as quoted in a conference (1 October 2017).

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„Who speaks the truth stabs Falsehood to the heart.“

—  James Russell Lowell American poet, critic, editor, and diplomat 1819 - 1891
L’ Envoi

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