„Two rights don't equal a left.“

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Roald Dahl6
1916 - 1990

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„Two hundred right-handed and two hundred left,“

— Babe Ruth American baseball player 1895 - 1948
Context: Leo never was much of a hitter. I tried to help him once. I suggested that he become a switch-hitter and that if he did, his average would jump up to.400. "Two hundred right-handed and two hundred left," I said. In The Babe Ruth Story (1948) by R̩uth, with Bob Considine, p. 234

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„Household is a chariot. The parents are its two wheels. If the wheels don't move equally, the chariot cannot run straight.“

— Baba Hari Dass master yogi, author, builder, commentator of Indian spiritual tradition 1923
Family and Community: (p. 35)

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„In securing the equal rights of these we shall secure the equal rights of all.“

— Henry George American economist 1839 - 1897
Context: Those who are most to be considered, those for whose help the struggle must be made, if labor is to be enfranchised, and social justice won, are those least able to help or struggle for themselves, those who have no advantage of property or skill or intelligence, — the men and women who are at the very bottom of the social scale. In securing the equal rights of these we shall secure the equal rights of all. Hence it is, as Mazzini said, that it is around the standard of duty rather than around the standard of self-interest that men must rally to win the rights of man. And herein may we see the deep philosophy of Him who bade men love their neighbors as themselves. In that spirit, and in no other, is the power to solve social problems and carry civilization onward. Ch. 21 : Conclusion

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„I don't like radical anything; left or right. I have a radical dislike of radicals.“

— Temple Grandin USA-american doctor of animal science, author, and autism activist 1947
Page 256 of An Anthropologist On Mars By Oliver Sacks