„Some have been thought brave because they were afraid to run away.“

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Henny Youngman7
1906 - 1998

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„Fashion is gentility running away from vulgarity, and afraid of being overtaken by it.“

— James Northcote English painter 1746 - 1831
Quoted by William Hazlitt in Conversations of James Northcote, Esq., R.A. http://books.google.com/books?id=PzQ1AQAAIAAJ&q="Fashion+is+gentility+running+away+from+vulgarity+and+afraid+of+being+overtaken+by+it"&pg=PA264#v=onepage (1830)

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„It came to him merely to run away was folly, because he could never run away from himself.“

— Sinclair Lewis American novelist, short-story writer, and playwright 1885 - 1951
Context: It came to him merely to run away was folly, because he could never run away from himself. ~ Ch. 25

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„The right hon. Gentleman is afraid of an election is he? Oh, if I were going to cut and run I'd have gone after the Falklands. Afraid? Frightened? Frit? Couldn't take it? Couldn't stand it? Right now inflation is lower than it has been for thirteen years, a record the right hon. Gentleman couldn't begin to touch!“

— Margaret Thatcher British stateswoman and politician 1925 - 2013
Prime Minister's Questions (19 April 1983) http://www.margaretthatcher.org/speeches/displaydocument.asp?docid=105294. The use of 'frit', an unusual Lincolnshire dialect abbreviation of 'frightened' which Mrs Thatcher evidently recalled from childhood, was missed by MPs in a noisy chamber but heard very distinctly on the audio feed from the chamber.

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„All that have been tried have fought bravely“

— Ulysses S. Grant 18th President of the United States 1822 - 1885
Context: The negro troops are easier to preserve discipline among than our white troops, and I doubt not will prove equally good for garrison duty. All that have been tried have fought bravely. At Vicksburg (24 July 1863), as quoted in Words of our Hero: Ulysses S. Grant https://archive.org/stream/wordsofourheroul00gran/wordsofourheroul00gran_djvu.txt, edited by Jeremiah Chaplin, Boston: D. Lothrop and Company, pp. 13-14. Also quoted in Ulysses S. Grant, Triumph over Adversity, by Brooks Donohue Simpson, p. 217.

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„Some problems could only be solved by running away from them.“

— Lois McMaster Bujold Science Fiction and fantasy author from the USA 1949
Context: You can't solve problems by running away from them, it was said, and like the good child she had once been, she had believed this. But it wasn't true. Some problems could only be solved by running away from them. p. 36

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