„O what a blessed day that will be when I shall… stand on the shore and look back on the raging seas I have safely passed; when I shall review my pains and sorrows, my fears and tears, and possess the glory which was the end of all!“

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Richard Baxter
1615 - 1691

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„When I am dead, no pageant train
Shall waste their sorrows at my bier,
Nor worthless pomp of homage vain
Stain it with hypocritic tear.“

—  Edward Everett American politician, orator, statesman 1794 - 1865
"The Dirge of Alaric, the Visigoth" In The New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal Vol. V, No. 25 (January-June 1823), p. 64.

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„What world lies beyond that stormy sea I do not know, but every ocean has a distant shore, and I shall reach it.“

—  Cesare Pavese Italian poet, novelist, literary critic, and translator 1908 - 1950
This Business of Living (1935-1950)

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