„How many cities have revealed themselves to me in the marches I undertook in the pursuit of books!“

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Walter Benjamin19
1892 - 1940

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„My books are friends that never fail me."

(; 17 March 1817)“

—  Thomas Carlyle Scottish philosopher, satirical writer, essayist, historian and teacher 1795 - 1881

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„How many good books suffer neglect through the inefficiency of their beginnings!“

—  Edgar Allan Poe American author, poet, editor and literary critic 1809 - 1849
Marginalia http://www.easylit.com/poe/comtext/prose/margin.shtml (November 1844)

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„In a perfect literature all books should be only a single book, and in such an eternally developing book, the gospel of humanity and culture will be revealed.“

—  Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel German poet, critic and scholar 1772 - 1829
Auf eine ähnliche Weise sollen in der vollkommnen Litteratur alle Bücher nur Ein Buch seyn, und in einem solchen ewig werdenden Buche wird das Evangelium der Menschheit und der Bildung offenbart werden. “Ideas,” Lucinde and the Fragments, P. Firchow, trans. (1991), § 95

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„Although Qigong has been spread for quite a long period of time, several decades already, no one knows its real implications. Therefore, I have written in the book, Zhuan Falun, everything about certain phenomena in the Qigong community, why Qigong is spread in ordinary human society, and what the ultimate goal of Qigong is. Therefore, this book is a systematic work that enables one to practice cultivation. Through reading it repeatedly, many people feel that there is something unique about the book: no matter how many times you have read this book, you always seem to feel a sense of freshness, and no matter how many times you have read it, you always attain a different understanding from the same sentence, and no matter how many times you have read it, you always feel that there is still a great deal of content in it that is yet to be found. Why is it this way, then? It is because that I have systematically compiled many things that are considered heavenly secrets within this book, such as that people are able to practice cultivation, how cultivation should be practiced, and the characteristics of this universe, etc. For a practitioner, it can enable him to complete his cultivation practice successfully. Because no one has ever done such a thing in the past, when reading this book, many people find that a lot of the contents are heavenly secrets.“

—  Li Hongzhi Chinese religious leader and dissident 1951
Falun Buddha Fa Lecture in Sydney http://www.falundafa.org/book/eng/lectures/1996L.html

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