„Everything in this room is edible. Even I'm edible. But, that would be called canibalism. It is looked down upon in most societies.“

—  Tim Burton
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Tim Burton10
cineasta norte-americano 1958

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„Almost anything is edible with a dab of French mustard on it.“

—  Nigel Slater English food writer, journalist and broadcaster 1958
The Kitchen Diaries, Fourth Estate Ltd, ISBN 0-00-719948-1, 2005) or Gotham Books, published by Penguin (USA) Inc., ISBN 1-592-40234-8, October 2006

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„Most wretched is the mortal that would shun
To look upon the visage of the sun.“

—  Ludovico Ariosto, livro Orlando Furioso
Orlando Furioso (1532), Misero è ben chi veder schiva il sole! Canto XXXII, stanza 23 (tr. W. S. Rose)

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