„Strange, he thought, how seldom people tend to look up“

Fonte: The Ruins of Gorlan

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John Jesus Flanagan
atleta norte-americano 1873 - 1938

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„If I'm engrossed in a book, I have to rearrange my thoughts before I can mingle with other people, because otherwise they might think I was strange.“

—  Anne Frank victim of the Holocaust and author of a diary 1929 - 1945

8 November 1943
Original: (nl) Als ik een boek lees, dat indruk op me maakt, moet ik in mezelf grondig orde scheppen, alvorens me onder de mensen te begeven, anders zou men van mij denken dat ik een wat rare geest had.
Variante: If I read a book that impresses me, I have to take myself firmly by the hand, before I mix with other people; otherwise they would think my mind rather queer.
Fonte: The Diary of a Young Girl (1942 - 1944)

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„Conquered people tend to be witty.“

—  Saul Bellow Canadian-born American writer 1915 - 2005

Mr. Sammler's planet, (1976), p. 98
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„Where people aren’t having any fun, they seldom produce good work.“

—  David Ogilvy, livro Confessions of an Advertising Man

Fonte: Confessions of an Advertising Man

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„People tend to rally around power.“

—  Noam Chomsky american linguist, philosopher and activist 1928

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