„Never think of pain or danger or enemies a moment longer than is necessary to fight them.“

—  Ayn Rand, livro Atlas Shrugged
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Ayn Rand39
1905 - 1982

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„We had to fight the enemy without in the Falklands and now we have to fight the enemy within, which is much more difficult but just as dangerous to liberty.“

—  Margaret Thatcher British stateswoman and politician 1925 - 2013
Second term as Prime Minister, Speech to 1922 Committee (19 July 1984) http://www.margaretthatcher.org/document/105563, quoted in John Campbell, Margaret Thatcher. The Iron Lady (London: Jonathan Cape, 2003), p. 361.

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„Fighting patents one by one will never eliminate the danger of software patents, any more than swatting mosquitoes will eliminate malaria.“

—  Richard Stallman American software freedom activist, short story writer and computer programmer, founder of the GNU project 1953
2000s, "How to fight software patents - singly and together", Newsforge (9 September 2004)

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„Since the great foundation of fear is pain, the way to harden and fortify children against fear and danger is to accustom them to suffer pain.“

—  John Locke, livro Some Thoughts Concerning Education
Some Thoughts Concerning Education (1693), Context: Since the great foundation of fear is pain, the way to harden and fortify children against fear and danger is to accustom them to suffer pain. This 'tis possible will be thought, by kind parents, a very unnatural thing towards their children; and by most, unreasonable... Sec. 115

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„Pain is no longer pain when it is past.“

—  Margaret Junkin Preston American writer 1820 - 1897
Old Songs and New. Nature's Lesson, reported in Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical Quotations (1922), p. 575.

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„You can't have filenames longer than 14 chars. You can't even think about them!“

—  Larry Wall American computer programmer and author, creator of Perl 1954
Source code, <code>Configure</code>

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„Never desire war but pray to Allah for peace and security. And when you are (forced) to fight the enemy, fight with steadfastness and know that Paradise is under the shadow of swords.“

—  Muhammad Arabian religious leader and the founder of Islam 570 - 632
Sunni Hadith, Riyadh us Saleheen, as quoted in Muhammad As a Military Leader, Afzalur Rahman

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