„One magician demanded I show him an image of the love of his life. I rustled up a mirror.“

Jonathan Stroud70
British writer of fantasy fiction 1970

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„Peel your own image from the mirror.
Sit. Feast on your life.“

—  Derek Walcott Saint Lucian–Trinidadian poet and playwright 1930 - 2017
"Love after Love"

Joyce Johnson photo
Kate Bush photo

„Just one thing in it:
Me or him.
Just one thing in it:
Me or him.
And I love life!“

—  Kate Bush British recording artist; singer, songwriter, musician and record producer 1958

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„I love being a beautiful woman when I look at myself in the mirror.“

—  Layal Abboud Lebanese pop singer 1982
June 15, 2017; Al Kahera Walnas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LcMvesgyTM

Anish Kapoor photo

„It is a conjunction of images I have always loved in his Sonnets to Orpheus and this work is, in a way, a kind of eye which is reflecting images endlessly“

—  Anish Kapoor British contemporary artist of Indian birth 1954
On his Tall Tree And The Eye bubbled towards the heavens in the courtyard of The Royal Academy of Arts in London. Quoted in "Anish Kapoor Opens the Door:Modern Artist Creates Monuments that Transcend Space & Time."

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