„I want to go where you're going. I'm not scared of dying. I want to stay together and come back together. You said that souls cohere. I want to stay with you.“


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„I am an an honest man
From where the palm tree grows,
And I want, before I die,
to cast these verses from my soul.“

—  José Martí Poet, writer, Cuban nationalist leader 1853 - 1895
I (Yo soy un hombre sincero) as translated by Esther Allen in José Martí : Selected Writings (2002), p. 273, Variant translations: A sincere man am I <br/> From the land where palm trees grow, <br/> And I want before I die <br/> My soul's verses to bestow. "A Sincere Man Am I" http://oldpoetry.com/opoem/46409-Jose-Marti-A-Sincere-Man-Am-I---Verse-I-, as translated by Manuel A. Tellechea, in Versos Sencillos: Simple Verses (1997) I am a sincere man from where the palm tree grows, and before I die I wish to pour forth the verses from my soul.