„When it comes to controlling human beings there is no better instrument than lies. Because, you see, humans live by beliefs. And beliefs can be manipulated. The power to manipulate beliefs is the only thing that counts.“

—  Michael Ende, livro The Neverending Story
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Michael Ende
1929 - 1995

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„We are as great as our belief in human liberty — no greater. And our belief in human liberty is only ours when it is larger than ourselves.“

—  Archibald Macleish American poet and Librarian of Congress 1892 - 1982
Now Let Us Address the Main Question: Bicentennial of What?, New York Times (3 July 1976)

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„I'm hoping the reader can see that artificial intelligence is better understood as a belief system than as a technology.“

—  Jaron Lanier American computer scientist, musician, and author 1960
"One Half of a Manifesto," The New Humanists: Science at the Edge (2003)

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„Wherever there is power and mass to manipulate, Man can live.“

—  Robert A. Heinlein, livro The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones (1952), Chapter 16, “Rock City” (p. 208)

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„Anybody who gives you a belief system is your enemy, because the belief system becomes the barrier for your eyes, you cannot see the truth.“

—  Rajneesh Godman and leader of the Rajneesh movement 1931 - 1990
Context: It was good of Friedrich Nietzsche to declare God dead — I declare that he has never been born. It is a created fiction, an invention, not a discovery. Do you understand the difference between invention and discovery? A discovery is about truth, an invention is manufactured by you. It is man-manufactured fiction. Certainly it has given consolation, but consolation is not the right thing! Consolation is opium. It keeps you unaware of the reality, and life is flowing past you so quickly — seventy years will be gone soon. Anybody who gives you a belief system is your enemy, because the belief system becomes the barrier for your eyes, you cannot see the truth. The very desire to find the truth disappears. But in the beginning it is bitter if all your belief systems are taken away from you. The fear and anxiety which you have been suppressing for millennia, which is there, very alive, will surface immediately. No God can destroy it, only the search for truth and the experience of truth — not a belief — is capable of healing all your wounds, of making you a whole being. And the whole person is the holy person to me. God is Dead, Now Zen is the Only Living Truth (1989) YouTube video of the lecture http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBEIeRSLb8k

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