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Xuân Diệu

Data de nascimento: 2. Fevereiro 1916
Data de falecimento: 18. Dezembro 1985


Ngô Xuân Diệu more commonly known by the pen name Xuân Diệu, was a prominent Vietnamese poet. A colossal figure in modern Vietnamese literature, he wrote about 450 poems especially love poems, several short stories, and many notes, essays, and literary criticisms.

Citações Xuân Diệu


„Love is just a little bit of death in the heart,
For how often can one love in certainty that love will be returned?
Giving so much love, and receiving so little of it;
Because people are fickle, or indifferent? Who knows?
During moments together as in hours apart,
I'm mindful that the moon fades, flowers wither, souls pass away...
They wander lost in the somber darkness of sorrow,
Those fools who follow the footprints of love.
Because life is an endless desert,
And love is an entangling web.
Love is just a little bit of death in the heart.“

—  Xuân Diệu
"Love" [Yêu] To love is to die a little in the heart, for when you love can you be sure you're loved? You give so much, so little you get back— the other lets you down or looks away. Together or apart, it's still the same. The moon turns pale, blooms fade, the soul's bereaved... They'll lose their way amidst dark sorrowland, those passionate fools who go in search of love. And life will be a desert bare of joy, and love will tie the knot that binds to grief. To love is to die a little in the heart.

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