Citações William Cobbett

„However roguish a man may be, he always loves to deal with an honest man.“

—  William Cobbett

Letter, Philadelphia, to Rachel Smithers (6 July 1794), published in The Autobiography of William Cobbett: The Progress of a Plough-boy to a Seat in Parliament, ch. 5, p. 57 (1933).

„[B]efore the passing of the Poor-Law Bill, I wished to avoid [a] convulsive termination. I now do not wish it to be avoided.“

—  William Cobbett

Letter to John Oldfield (6 June 1835), quoted in Ian Dyck, William Cobbett and Rural Popular Culture (1992), p. 208

„After this, who will say that an Englishman ought not to despise “all the nations of Europe?”“

—  William Cobbett

For my part I do, and that most “heartily.”

Porcupine's Gazette (December 1797), Porcupine's Works; containing various writings and selections, exhibiting a faithful picture of the United States of America, Volume VII (1801), p. 428

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