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Wang Yu-chi

Data de nascimento: 1969


Wang Yu-chi is a politician in the Republic of China . He was the Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council of the Executive Yuan since 28 September 2012 until 16 February 2015, when he resigned over the dropping of espionage charges brought against Chang Hsien-yao. Wang is the first ROC ministerial-level government official to visit Mainland China after the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949.

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„Today's meeting with (Macau) Chief Executive Chui was a positive step. Because Taiwan has very close ties with Macau, it can be a good model for relations between Taiwan and Hong Kong or across the Taiwan Strait.“

—  Wang Yu-chi
Wang Yu-chi (2013) cited in " MAC head meets with Macau's top official in first trip since taking office" on The China Post, 28 August 2013

„I believe that both sides (Taiwan and Mainland China) will continue to be friendly while our (ROC) policies will remain firm.“

—  Wang Yu-chi
Wang Yu-chi (2013) cited in " Taiwan offices in China may pool officials cross-ministry: Wang Yu-chi" on Want China Times, 15 March 2013


„President Ma has said in the past that cross-strait relations are not state-to-state relations, and his remarks on National Day carried the same meaning.“

—  Wang Yu-chi
Wang Yu-chi (2013) cited in " Su slams Ma’s definition of cross-strait ties" on The Taipei Times, 12 October 2013

„I told him (Zhang Zhijun) that this (daily massive protest) is pretty much what we (Republic of China government) experience in our daily lives. We are used to it. Now that he is head of the Taiwan Affairs Office, he has to understand Taiwan more.“

—  Wang Yu-chi
Wang Yu-chi (2014) cited in " CROSSING THE STRAIT: Protesters hurl paint at Chinese official’s convoy" on Taipei Times, 29 June 2014

„For us (Taiwan and Mainland China) to simply sit at the same table, sit down to discuss issues, is already not an easy thing.“

—  Wang Yu-chi
Wang Yu-chi (2014) cited in " China and Taiwan in first government talks" on BBC, 11 February 2014

„We believe if the mainland really values how the Taiwanese people feel, and if it wishes to improve mutual political trust between both sides, it will grant Taiwan representative office personnel the right to visit (inmates) for humanitarian reasons.“

—  Wang Yu-chi
Wang Yu-chi (2013) cited in " Taiwan urges China to allow visits to Taiwanese prisoners" on The China Post, 27 October 2013

„It's not easy for Zhang (Minister of Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China) to openly address me by my official title (Minister of the Mainland Affairs Council of the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China).“

—  Wang Yu-chi
Wang Yu-chi (2013) cited in " MAC chief hails progress in 'special' cross-strait ties" on Want China Times, 12 October 2013

„The (ROC) government’s stance on cross-strait ties is based on the 1992 consensus and our stance that ‘one China’ means the ROC is unequivocal and has never changed.“

—  Wang Yu-chi
Wang Yu-chi (2013) cited in " Wu returns from Beijing, dismisses DPP’s criticism" on The Taipei Times, 15 June 2013

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