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Tiffany Brar

Data de nascimento: 14. Setembro 1988

Tiffany Brar is an Indian community service worker, who became blind after her premature birth due to an overdose of oxygen, resulting in complete blindness. She is the founder of the Jyothirgamaya Foundation, a non-profit organization whose stated mission is to help blind people in all spheres of life to gain the skills needed for a successful and smooth existence. She is a social activist and trainer, working to create awareness of disability. She is an advocate for building an inclusive society. Wikipedia

Citações Tiffany Brar

„Where were all these blind people? Why didn’t we see them walking on our roads? I decided I must be the one to make a difference.“

—  Tiffany Brar

As quoted in They Say the Blind Should Not Lead the Blind. She Proves Them Wrong. (December 22, 2015) by Ranjini Sivaswamy, The Better India.

„Treat us the way you wish to be treated“

—  Tiffany Brar

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