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Ted Haggard

Data de nascimento: 27. Junho 1956


Ted Haggard , conhecido por seus seguidores como Pastor Ted, é o fundador da igreja New Life Church, localizada na cidade de Colorado Springs, Colorado, EUA.

Citações Ted Haggard

„I did not have a homosexual relationship with a man in Denver.“

— Ted Haggard
Time Magazine,8599,1554388,00.html, accessed November 4, 2006


„How much is your sin going to cost me?“

— Ted Haggard,popular sermon on how the consequences of our sin affect others, accessed 4 November 2006.

„You know all the surveys say that evangelicals have the best sex life of any other group.“

— Ted Haggard
New York Times, retrieved January 12, 2007.

„I am steady with my wife. I'm faithful to my wife.“

— Ted Haggard
Time Magazine,8599,1554388,00.html, accessed November 4, 2006

„I was referred to Mike Jones from the concierge at a Marriott hotel when I asked for a masseur.“

— Ted Haggard
KRDO, retrieved June 26, 2008

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