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Ted Haggard

Data de nascimento: 27. Junho 1956


Ted Haggard , conhecido por seus seguidores como Pastor Ted, é o fundador da igreja New Life Church, localizada na cidade de Colorado Springs, Colorado, EUA.

Citações Ted Haggard


„I want a church I can stay in for years. I don't want surprises, scandals, or secrets from my church leaders.“

—  Ted Haggard
[Haggard, Ted, Dog Training, Fly Fishing, And Sharing Christ In The 21st Century: Empowering Your Church To Build Community Through Shared Interests, Nelson Books, May 14, 2002, p. 9, ISBN 0785265147]

„I bought it for myself but never used it. I was tempted, but I never used it.“

—  Ted Haggard
ABC News, accessed 4 November, 2006.

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„I went there for a massage.“

—  Ted Haggard
KKTV, accessed 3 November 2006.

„A fantasy of mine is to have an orgy with about six young college guys ranging from 18 to 22 in age.“

—  Ted Haggard
Attributed, Reported by Mike Jones, " Haggard Admits Buying Meth: Evangelical Leader Denies Accusation of Paying Former Gay Prostitute for Sex", ABC News, accessed November 6, 2006.

„I think I know what you did last night. If you send me a thousand dollars, I won't tell your wife.“

—  Ted Haggard
Jesus Camp, retrieve January 12, 2007.

„I called him to buy some meth, but I threw it away.“

—  Ted Haggard
KKTV, accessed 3 November 2006.

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