Citações Saddam Hussein

„I call on you not to hate, because hate does not leave space for a person to be fair and it makes you blind and closes all doors of thinking.“

—  Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein Farewell Letter (MSNBC online) Statement in a farewell letter written to the Iraqi people, written Nov. 5, 2006, released Dec. 27, 2006.

„The lion does not care about a monkey laughing at him from a tree.“

—  Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein, Defiant Dictator Who Ruled Iraq With Violence and Fear, Dies (The New York Times, 30 December 2006, page A10) In response to guffaws from a spectator in an overhead gallery during his trial, 2006.


„Our children should be taught to beware of everything foreign and not to disclose any state or party secrets to foreigners… for foreigners are eyes for their countries, and some of them are counterrevolutionary instruments“

—  Saddam Hussein
in the hands of imperialism al-Dimuqratiyya Masdar Quwwa li al-Fard wa al-Mujtama, 1977, quoted in Saddam Hussein: a political biography (2002) by Efraim Karsh and Inari Rautsi.

„You Americans, you treat the Third World in the way an Iraqi peasant treats his new bride. Three days of honeymoon, and then it's off to the fields“

—  Saddam Hussein
Meeting with US State Department officials (1985), as quoted in The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Gulf War (2002) by Charles Jaco, p. 23.

„Long live Iraq! Long live the Iraqi people! Down with the traitors!“

—  Saddam Hussein
Death Penalty for Saddam Hussein (BBC News online) Reaction on being sentenced to death, November 5, 2006.

„la ilaha il-Allah, wa Muhammadu… (There is no god but God and Muhammed [is His prophet])“

—  Saddam Hussein
Last words.

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