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Robert Seymour Bridges

Data de nascimento: 23. Outubro 1844
Data de falecimento: 21. Abril 1930

Robert Seymour Bridges was Britain's poet laureate from 1913 to 1930. A doctor by training, he achieved literary fame only late in life. His poems reflect a deep Christian faith, and he is the author of many well-known hymns. It was through Bridges’ efforts that Gerard Manley Hopkins achieved posthumous fame.

Citações Robert Seymour Bridges

„Simple and brave, his faith awoke
Ploughmen to struggle with their fate;
Armies won battles when he spoke,
And out of Chaos sprang the state.“

—  Robert Seymour Bridges

Washington by Robert Bridges (1858 - 1941), American journalist and poet, who wrote under the pen name "Droch".

„Awake, my heart, to be loved, awake, awake!
The darkness silvers away, the morn doth break,
It leaps in the sky.“

—  Robert Seymour Bridges

Awake, My Heart, to Be Loved, l. 1-3.

„I love all beauteous things,
I seek and adore them.“

—  Robert Seymour Bridges

I Love all Beauteous Things, st. 1 (1890).

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„Good melody is never out of fashion“

—  Robert Seymour Bridges

A Practical Discourse on some Priciples of Hymn-singing Collected Essays no 22.

„When Death to either shall come—
I pray it be first to me.“

—  Robert Seymour Bridges

When Death to Either Shall Come

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