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Robert Musil

Data de nascimento: 6. Novembro 1880
Data de falecimento: 15. Abril 1942
Outros nomes:Roberts Mūzils


Robert Musil foi um escritor austríaco, um dos mais importantes romancistas modernos.

Ao lado de Franz Kafka, Marcel Proust e James Joyce forma o grupo dos grandes prosadores do século XX. Da sua obra destaca-se o monumental O Homem sem Qualidades, um anti-romance ou um não-romance que é acima de tudo uma grande reflexão sobre a época de Musil. Seu livro de estreia, o romance de formação O Jovem Törless, publicado em 1906, também é popular na atualidade.

Citações Robert Musil

„Questions and answers click into each other like cogs of a machine. Each person has nothing but quite definite tasks. The various professions are concentrated at definite places. One eats while in motion. Amusements are concentrated in other parts of the city. And elsewhere again are the towers to which one returns and finds wife, family, gramophone, and soul. Tension and relaxation, activity and love are meticulously kept separate in time and are weighed out according to formulae arrived at in extensive laboratory work. If during any of these activities one runs up against a difficulty, one simply drops the whole thing; for one will find another thing or perhaps, later on, a better way, or someone else will find the way that one has missed. It does not matter in the least, but nothing wastes so much communal energy as the presumption that one is called upon not to let go of a definite personal aim. In a community with energies constantly flowing through it, every road leads to a good goal, if one does not spend too much time hesitating and thinking it over. The targets are set up at a short distance, but life is short too, and in this way one gets a maximum of achievement out of it. And man needs no more for his happiness; for what one achieves is what moulds the spirit, whereas what one wants, without fulfillment, only warps it. So far as happiness is concerned it matters very little what one wants; the main thing is that one should get it. Besides, zoology makes it clear that a sum of reduced individuals may very well form a totality of genius.“

—  Robert Musil