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Robert J. Marks II

Data de nascimento: 25. Agosto 1950


Robert Jackson Marks II is an American electrical engineer. His contributions include the Zhao-Atlas-Marks time-frequency distribution in the field of signal processing, the Cheung–Marks theorem in Shannon sampling theory and the Papoulis-Marks-Cheung approach in multidimensional sampling. He was instrumental in the defining of the field of computational intelligence and co-edited the first book using computational intelligence in the title. A Christian and an old earth creationist, he is a subject of the 2008 pro-intelligent design motion picture, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.

Citações Robert J. Marks II

„"Bob’s research will vindicate itself. He finds himself at the center of a firestorm that is really not of his own making, and one day — yes, this day is coming, eventually — after the controversy wanes, Bob’s work will still be standing, simply because it is powerful and true." Ian A. Gravagne.“

—  Robert J. Marks II
Tim Woods, "Baylor faculty member named one of '20 Most Brilliant Christian Professors," Waco Tribune, April 15, 2010


„"I categorically reject Marks’ whole philosophy and I’d probably call him delusional," P. Z. Myers.“

—  Robert J. Marks II
from "PZ Myers supports academic freedom for Marks," Uncommon Descent Blog http://%20, September 9, 2007.


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