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Data de nascimento: 27. Julho 1954


Rob Enderle is an American technology analyst.Enderle has worked at several technology companies, including EMS Development Company, ROLM Systems and IBM, before becoming a technology analyst. He began his analyst career at Dataquest, before helping to launch GiGa Information Group. After GiGa was acquired by Forrester Research, he worked at Forrester until leaving to found his own firm, the Enderle Group.

Enderle writes a number of columns for technological publications and regularly appears on radio and television. He sits on several advisory councils, including those for Lenovo, AMD and HP. He shares a technology blog at Technology Pundits. He has worked as an advisor for Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Siemens, and Intel, among other companies.

Citações Rob Enderle

„[I]t seems pretty clear why this class of product [Apple Watch] is languishing. … But, with products like the LG Watch Sport the market may finally be coming around to a winner.“

—  Rob Enderle
Why the Smartwatch May Finally Take Off; or Not in TechSpective (24 February 2017)


„FRAND licensing … in theory, would prevent someone with competitive problems from raising prices on competitors to cripple them if they were successful. Interestingly, the only firm in recent memory that ever did this was Apple …“

—  Rob Enderle
Why the Smartphone Market Works and Why Apple Wants to Kill It in TechZone360 (12 June 2017)

„iPhone 7 — We will again watch people line up to buy an iconic product that is only marginally better than the paid-for product they already have. … We'll smile, nod our heads, and ask Siri to remind us to check to see if our medical plan covers mental health.“

—  Rob Enderle
Looking Ahead to 2016 or Why I Now Want My Own Bunker in IT Business Edge (31 December 2015)

„We're creatures of habit. We lined up for the old Batman and Star Wars films long after they stopped being great, and we'll pay Apple the same courtesy if it loses its mojo.“

—  Rob Enderle
How many times can Apple bottle lightning? The challenges of staying on top in Digital Trends (8 September 2012)

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„Steve Jobs is the Ronald McDonald of Apple, he is the face.“

—  Rob Enderle
Can anyone replace Steve Jobs at Apple? in The Telegraph (15 January 2009)

„[W]hen it came to the iWatch, also a name that Apple didn't own, Apple walked away from it and instead launched the Apple Watch. Certainly, no risk of litigation, but the product's sales are a fraction of what they otherwise might have been with the proper name and branding.“

—  Rob Enderle
Putting Legal in Its Place: Why Companies Shouldn't Be Run by Execs with 'No' as Their Middle Names in IT Business Edge (18 May 2017)

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