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Reza Pahlavi

Data de nascimento: 31. Outubro 1960


Reza Pahlavi foi o Príncipe Imperial do Irão e herdeiro do trono iraniano desde o seu nascimento até à Revolução Iraniana de 1979. Filho do Xá Mohammad Reza Pahlavi e da Imperatriz Farah Pahlavi, desde a morte do último Xá do Irão, seu pai, é o pretendente ao trono iraniano sob o título de Príncipe Imperial do Irão.

Vive exilado nos Estados Unidos da América, país onde prosseguiu estudos universitários. Casou-se em 12 de Junho de 1986 com Yasmine Etemad Amini. O casal teve três filhas: Noor Pahlavi , Iman Pahlavi e Farah Pahlavi .

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„I say to the west: the oil that flows in your pipelines is not more important than the blood that flows in the veins of Iranians.“

—  Reza Pahlavi
Context: I say, listen to the Iranians. During twenty-two years, you forgot the Iranians, they are close to 70 millions today who hanker for liberty. I say to the west: the oil that flows in your pipelines is not more important than the blood that flows in the veins of Iranians. As quoted by Afsané Bassir, Interview with Prince Reza Pahlavi, son of the late Shah of Iran, Le Monde, June 6, 2001.


„I think [Israel attacking Iran] would be a very disastrous event if it were to occur. I have long stated that I think this would be a lose-lose proposition by and large, especially when there's a much better alternative in play, which will be much less costly and far more legitimate than trying to bring any change as a result of any kind of external measures, particularly of the violent and military kind. You have in place the best natural army in the world: namely, the Iranian people themselves, who have bravely fought this fight for years, without any help or support from anyone in the international community. Today, they are already committed to that struggle and I think this is a much better way to put pressure on the regime and abide by international rules. It's a much better way to help the Iranian people bring about whatever changes they want in Iran and nothing is being done about this while everybody contemplates striking the country just because they don’t have faith in diplomacy, which was doomed from the very beginning. I think there's still a chance for a lot of serious fundamental change that will bring an end to all the threats if Iran wants to change from this regime to a democratic nation. If it invests time and effort in helping the movement of the young people in Iran today and be supportive of their demands; be supportive of what they want; engage them after 30 years of limiting engagement to only members of the regime and its representatives. I don't think that's far too much to ask for those of us who are fighting for freedom. What I am saying is that in my opinion, not using this opportunity and going straight to conflict would be historically criminal. That option has to be given its chance but the time is limited and the window of opportunity is now. I hope that many key governments will decide to commit some of their policies to give a chance for this movement to succeed before jumping to conclusions that the only familiars we're left with are either capitulation or attacking Iran.“

—  Reza Pahlavi
As quoted by Felice Friedson, Iranian Crown Prince: Ahmadinejad's regime is "delicate and fragile", August 12, 2010.


„Access to information has been very restricted by the regime, but we can affirm the discontent goes well beyond Tehran and the major cities.“

—  Reza Pahlavi
As quoted in Iran’s Royal Opposition, The Daily Beast, Feb 10, 2010.


„I don't think [Ahmadinejad is] a “mad man.” He's an individual who is very committed to his view and ideology. There's almost a sort of apocalyptic mentality that reigns here and he's not alone in it. Unfortunately, there are a few people who may sign up for that kind of a point of view. The problem is that we have this kind of regime represented by such individuals who have taken, first-and-foremost, the Iranian people hostage for the past 30 years and who are completely uninterested about the state of our own citizens. They are only interested to use Iran as a base from which to launch what was from the very beginning the exploitation of a theocracy and Islamic ideology across the planet as a challenge to the rest of the world... I think you should take him very seriously. The last time the world was not quite sure about the final threat was at the time of Hitler in Nazi Germany and we know the rest of the story. If we look at these kind of regimes that have been completely merciless vis-à-vis their own population; who have been brutally shooting our youth on the streets simply because they ask for their freedom; and are willing to stop at nothing to intimidate the whole world to submit to their demand, I think we should take it very seriously.“

—  Reza Pahlavi
As quoted by Felice Friedson, Iranian Crown Prince: Ahmadinejad's regime is "delicate and fragile", August 12, 2010.

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