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Protima Bedi

Data de nascimento: 12. Outubro 1948
Data de falecimento: 18. Agosto 1998

Protima Gauri Bedi

was an Indian model turned odissi exponent. In 1990, she established "Nrityagram", a dance village near Bangalore. Wikipedia

Citações Protima Bedi

„Indian', [mom said], you will write Indian. And if they have a problem with that let them come and talk to me. They have no business asking you your religion. How is that the basis for an educational qualification?“

—  Protima Bedi

Reply to her daughter Pooja Bedi who was filling a form in the school in [Bedi, Ibrahim, Pooja, Timepass,, April 2003, Penguin Books India, 978-0-14-028880-3, vii]

„This is my life. No one has the right to tell me how to live it or to question what I do. When you grow up, you will make your own choices. It will be your life and you it your way. I will never interfere. It must be awful for these people to have such boring lives that all they can do make them interesting is to talk about somebody else’s life. I am glad I provided with them with timepass conversation.“

—  Protima Bedi

In reply to her daughter when she had streaked and her daughter who was five years old was upset knowing about to in the school when she was told that her mother :’All the children in my school say that their mummies said that you ran nanga’ (‘nanga’ in Hindi means “naked”) in "Timepass" pp. viii-ix

„Every woman I knew secretly longed to have many lovers but she stopped herself for so many reasons. I had the capacity to love many at a time and for this had been called shallow and wayward and a good-time girl…“

—  Protima Bedi

She wrote in "Timepass: The Memoir of Protima Bedi" quoted in She had a lust for life, 5 February 2000, The Tribune,

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„Everybody wants to know about it. Even now. But look at what else I have accomplished since then which must have taken courage. Far more than what it took to streak. But because it's more immediate you think you could even do this. But you can't build a dance institute out of barren land.“

—  Protima Bedi

On her steaking and the Nritygarma, the dance institute she established in Bangalore quoted in I have been a hippie all my life, 22 August 1998, 14 january 2014,,

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