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Peter Hitchens

Data de nascimento: 28. Outubro 1951

Peter Jonathan Hitchens is an English journalist and author. He has published six books, including The Abolition of Britain, The Rage Against God, and The War We Never Fought. He is a frequent critic of political correctness, and describes himself as an Anglican Christian and Burkean conservative, as well as a social democrat.

Hitchens writes for The Mail on Sunday and is a former foreign correspondent in Moscow and Washington. He works as a foreign reporter and in 2010 was awarded the Orwell Prize.

Citações Peter Hitchens

„If you forge your weapons for use in the political battle, don't be surprised if it gets turned against you.“

—  Peter Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens on the Clinton-Lewinsky Political Sex Scandal (1998)
On the fairness of comparing Clarence Thomas to Bill Clinton

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„To complain that a European Union official is a federalist, is like complaining that a bicycle has handlebars. That's what they are, that's what they do.“

—  Peter Hitchens

Peter Hitchens on David Cameron and the EU
On David Cameron's opposition to Jean-Claude Juncker's appointment

„We cannot just give [our country] to complete strangers on an impulse because it makes us feel good about ourselves.“

—  Peter Hitchens

PETER HITCHENS: We won't save refugees by destroying our own country
Mail on Sunday

„Frankly, I could carve a better opposition party out of a banana than the Tories.“

—  Peter Hitchens

Question Time
The Guardian

„Don't you dare call me optimistic. (It's a) grave insult.“

—  Peter Hitchens

On being called optimistic

„If they win on Thursday (EU referendum, 2016), the process of abolishing Britain will be complete. If they lose, as I hope they do and still think they will, there is a faint, slender chance that we may get our country back one day.“

—  Peter Hitchens


PETER HITCHENS: There's a faint chance we may get our nation back one day

Mail on Sunday
On the pro-EU political class

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