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Nicholas Barr

Data de nascimento: 1943


Nicholas Barr FRSA is a British economist, currently serving as professor of public economics at the London School of Economics . He received his Ph.D. in Economics as a Fulbright Scholar from the University of California, Berkeley and his MSc in Economics from LSE. According to his LSE biography, he has worked for the World Bank, "from 1990 to 1992 working on the design of income transfers and health finance in Central and Eastern Europe and Russia, and in 1995-96 as a principal author of the World Bank's World Development Report 1996: From Plan to Market." He also served as an advisor to the British, Chinese and South African governments.Since 1987, he has published four editions of his series, Economics of the welfare state, the last published in 2012. of which was published in 2004 . According to, he has published the following books:

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