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Mohammad Hidayatullah

Data de nascimento: 17. Dezembro 1905
Data de falecimento: 18. Setembro 1992


Mohammad Hidayatullah OBE pronunciation was the 11th Chief Justice of India serving from 25 February 1968 to 16 December 1970, and the sixth Vice President of India, serving from 31 August 1979 to 30 August 1984. He had also served as the Acting President of India from 20 July 1969 to 24 August 1969 and from 6 October 1982 to 31 October 1982. He is regarded as an eminent jurist, scholar, educationist, author and linguist. His brother, Mohammed Ikramullah, was a prominent Pakistani diplomat, whose wife, Shaista Suhrawardy Ikramullah, was a niece of Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy, sometime Prime Minister of undivided Pakistan and herself a member of the first Pakistani Constituent assembly.

Citações Mohammad Hidayatullah


„This was an attempt of not creating 'forward looking judges' but the 'judges looking forward' to the plumes of the office of Chief Justice.“

—  Mohammad Hidayatullah
In: Long March of the Supreme Court Bar Association, When three eminent judges of the Supreme Court, Hegde, Shelat and Grover JJ were superseded and Justice A. N. Ray was appointed as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on 25th April, 1973

„The Judge should certainly consider what is happening around him, but his interpretation should strictly be judicial.“

—  Mohammad Hidayatullah
His interpretation on the view once expressed by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru that a Judge should also keep in mind the social values while delivering his Judgment.


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