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„Tony Montana: Look at that: a junkie… I got a junkie for a wife… Her womb is so polluted… I can’t even have a fucking little baby with her!“

—  Michelle Pfeiffer
Movies Quotes, Manolo Ray: C’mon Tony… Elvira Hancock: You son of a bitch!… you fuck!… [jogando vinho na cara de Tony] HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!? What makes you so much better than me? What do you do? Kill people? Deal your drugs? Real contribution to human history Tony! What makes you think you can be a father? You don’t even know how to be a good husband!

„Izzie: Mom, when can I have sex?“

—  Michelle Pfeiffer
Movies Quotes, Rosie: When you have your masters degree, when you reach 18. Izzie: 15! Rosie: What?...17? Izzie: Mom, the 15 is the new 17.

„Velma Von Tussle: Incredible! I could do a fan dance with a lettuce leaf and you would remain completely obtuse!“

—  Michelle Pfeiffer
Movies Quotes, Wilbur Turnblad: Obtuse? Velma Von Tussle: Yes, obtuse! Wilbur Turnblad: I flunked geometry... Velma Von Tussle: ...yeah, and biology too, no doubt!

„Lea de Lonval: What do you expect me to do, go and pine away in Normandy? Stop dyeing my hair? Is that what you want?“

—  Michelle Pfeiffer
Movies Quotes, Cheri: Yes. Lea de Lonval: You're not the first young man I've said goodbye to. Cheri: Yes, I know, but what I thought might be appropriate is if I were the last.

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