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Maximilien Misson

Data de nascimento: 1650
Data de falecimento: 1722

Francis Maximilian Misson, originally François Maximilien Misson, was a French writer and traveller. Born in Lyon, he fled France at the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 and settled in Britain. He travelled through Italy during 1687 and 1688, and in 1691 published the Nouveau voyage d'ltalie, which was to be the standard travel guide to Italy for the following fifty years. In 1698 he published his second work Mémoires et observations faites par un voyageur en Angleterre, and in 1708 his final book A new voyage to the East-Indies.

Citações Maximilien Misson

„You have all Manner of News there: You have a good Fire, which you may sit by as long as you please: You have a Dish of Coffee; you meet your Friends for the Transaction of Business, and all for a Penny, if you don't care to spend more.“

—  Maximilien Misson

speaking of London coffeehouses in the late 1600s
[Drummond, J.C., Wilbraham, Anne, The Englishman's food: a history of five centuries of English diet., 1957, Cape, London, 978-0224601689, 116, Rev. ed.] This source cites Misson; citation needed for original statement.

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