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Martin Firrell

Data de nascimento: 4. Abril 1963


Martin Firrell is a French public artist, cultural activist, campaigner, or benevolent provocateur, stimulating debate in public space to promote positive social change.

Firrell has raised questions about the politics of ageing, individual liberty, the right to personal idiosyncrasy, cultural diversity, gender equality, faith, climate change, masculinity, what constitutes a meaningful and purposeful life, hero worship, fair and truthful government, and the quality of human lived experience.

His work has been summarised as "art as debate".

Citações Martin Firrell

„Art should help you to navigate the real challenges of being a human being.“

—  Martin Firrell
Quoted in the documentary Art in a Word by Vera Baghiroli, qoob tv (22 July 2008).


„Everybody should be entitled to one lie, one failing, one infidelity.“

—  Martin Firrell
Quoted in the International Herald Tribune (24 November 2005).


„Never fall for someone with a body to diet for.“

—  Martin Firrell
Quoted in Time Out (12 December 2001).

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