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Maria Mitchell

Data de nascimento: 1. Agosto 1818
Data de falecimento: 28. Junho 1889


Maria Mitchell foi uma astrónoma estadunidense que teve reconhecimento internacional com a descoberta através de um telescópio o "Miss Mitchell's Comet" em outono de 1847.

Citações Maria Mitchell


„There is a God, and he is good, I say to myself. I try to increase my trust in this, my only article of creed.“

— Maria Mitchell
[ Maria Mitchell: Life, Letters and Journals] (1896).

„I know I shall be called heterodox, and that unseen lightning flashes and unheard thunderbolts will be playing around my head, when I say that women will never be profound students in any other department except music while they give four hours a day to the practice of music. I should by all means encourage every woman who is born with musical gifts to study music; but study it as a science and an art, and not as an accomplishment; and to every woman who is not musical, I should say, 'Don't study it at all;' you cannot afford four hours a day, out of some years of your life, just to be agreeable in company upon possible occasions. If for four hours a day you studied, year after year, the science of language, for instance, do you suppose you would not be a linguist? Do you put the mere pleasing of some social party, and the reception of a few compliments, against the mental development of four hours a day of study of something for which you were born? When I see that girls who are required by their parents to go through with the irksome practising really become respectable performers, I wonder what four hours a day at something which they loved, and for which God designed them, would do for them. I should think that to a real scientist in music there would be something mortifying in this rush of all women into music; as there would be to me if I saw every girl learning the constellations, and then thinking she was an astronomer!“

— Maria Mitchell
Maria Mitchell: Life, Letters and Journals (illustrated) by Maria Mitchell, 1896, p. 189.

„Study as if you were going to live forever; live as if you were going to die tomorrow.“

— Maria Mitchell
The Book of Positive Quotations By John Cook, Leslie Ann Gibson (2nd ed. 2007), p. 283.

„Every formula which expresses a law of nature is a hymn of praise to God.“

— Maria Mitchell
[ Maria Mitchell: Life, Letters and Journals] (1896).


„An English village could never be mistaken for an American one: the outline against the sky differs; a thatched cottage makes a very wavy line on the blue above.“

— Maria Mitchell
Maria Mitchell: Life, Letters and Journals (illustrated) by Maria Mitchell, 1896 [].

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