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Margaret George

Data de nascimento: 19. Janeiro 1943


Margaret George is an American historical novelist specializing in epic fictional biographies. She is known for her meticulous research and the large scale of her books. She is the author of the bestselling novels The Autobiography of Henry VIII , Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles , The Memoirs of Cleopatra , Mary Called Magdalene , Helen of Troy , and Elizabeth I She is currently at work on a novel about the Emperor Nero.

The last four of these novels were New York Times bestsellers and the Cleopatra novel was made into an Emmy-nominated ABC-TV miniseries in 1999. Altogether the novels have been published in 21 languages. She is ranked at the forefront of historical novelists writing today.

Because of the detailed and accurate research behind her books, she has been a featured interviewee on A & E Biography and a special on Alexandria . She has also spoken at the Folger Shakespeare Library, Hampton Court and the Tower of London.

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