Citações Marcus Manilius

„Labor is itself a pleasure.“

—  Marcus Manilius, Astronomica
Astronomica, Labor est etiam ipse voluptas. Variant translation (reading ipsa): Even pleasure itself is a toil. Book IV, line 155. Explained by Housman ad loc. The first reading is the correct one in the context.

„Every one is in a small way the image of God.“

—  Marcus Manilius, Astronomica
Astronomica, Exemplumque dei quisque est in imagine parva. Book IV, line 895.

„It is easy to spread the sails to propitious winds, and to cultivate in different ways a rich soil, and to give lustre to gold and ivory, when the very raw material itself shines.“

—  Marcus Manilius, Astronomica
Astronomica, Facile est ventis dare vela secundis, Fecundumque solum varias agitare per artes, Auroque atque ebori decus addere, cum rudis ipsa Materies niteat. Book III, line 26.

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