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Mahdi Akef

Data de nascimento: 28. Julho 1928
Data de falecimento: 22. Setembro 2017

Mohammed Mahdi Akef was the head of the Muslim Brotherhood, an Egypt-based Islamic political movement, from 2004 until 2010. He assumed the post, that of "general guide" upon the death of his predecessor, Ma'mun al-Hudaybi. Akef was arrested on 4 July 2013. On 14 July 2013 Egypt's new prosecutor general Hisham Barakat ordered his assets to be frozen.

Citações Mahdi Akef

„The Arab and Islamic countries suffer from severe backwardness, and the Western world wants to make them even more backward.“

—  Mahdi Akef

Arab and Islamic Countries Should Obtain Nuclear Technology "For Military Purposes" (June 2006)

„In no country and under no circumstances is it possible to launch resistance unless the government approves of this.“

—  Mahdi Akef

Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood Sheik Mahdi Akef: We Are Ready to Send 10,000 Men to Palestine, But It Is the Egyptian Government that Should Arm Them, MEMRI, November 30, 2007,

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