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Lucy Lawless

Data de nascimento: 29. Março 1968


Lucille Frances Ryan , mais conhecida como Lucy Lawless, é uma atriz e cantora neozelandesa. Teve suas primeiras aparições na televisão aos vinte anos quando protagonizou duas temporadas de um programa exibido na Ásia e na Oceania. Como atriz, Lawless é reconhecida por seu papel de Xena na série de Televisão Xena: Warrior Princess .

Citações Lucy Lawless

„Growing up, I looked up to real women. I didn't go in for hero worship and I still don't. Everybody has feet of clay.“

—  Lucy Lawless
Benjamin Morrison (January 14, 1997) "Visiting Warriors - Xena and Hercules Flex Their Muscles at NATPE", The Times-Picayune, p. F1.


„I'm gonna walk off wearing the outfit and I'm going to drive home in it.“

—  Lucy Lawless
Describing what she will do with her Xena costume after the last day of filming — reported in Raymond A. Edel and Virginia Rohan (February 8, 2001) "People", The Record, p. A2.

„Lucy's got two feet on the ground; she's very, very strong and yet has a wonderful soft side that she reveals here. She's a dream to work with.“

—  Lucy Lawless
About, Frank von Zerneck, on her work in the CBS movie Vampire Bats — reported in Associated Press (October 28, 2005) "Lawless takes on 'Vampire Bats'", Chicago Tribune, p. 48.

„My voice likes rock music. My problem is, I can do a lot of things, but I have to find my own voice.“

—  Lucy Lawless
Jamie Sotonoff (October 5, 2007) "The soulful side of a warrior princess", Daily Herald, p. 18.

„What's Buffy got? A wooden stake, some garlic. Xena has a full arsenal of weapons.“

—  Lucy Lawless
Remarking on who would win in a fight, in a pair-up between her character Xena and Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer — reported in San Antonio Express-News staff (May 16, 2000) San Antonio Express-News, "'Dirty Dancing' sequel set", p. 4D.

„It took me a long time to adjust and narrow down my life. I made my shift to the mind-set … there's time for my daughter outside work and that's all. This is my new life. This is not drudgery. This is fun.“

—  Lucy Lawless
On balancing work and family-life — reported in Barbara Yost, The Arizona Republic (April 15, 1996) "Actress Easily Conquers Role in 'Xena: Warrior Princess'", Chicago Tribune, p. 5.

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„So yes, the roles are getting more and more like me. But that's because Xena was so entirely unlike me. Most people aren't really aware of that.“

—  Lucy Lawless
On her acting roles after the completion of Xena — reported in Rob Salem (October 30, 2005) "Xena vs. Mother Nature - Locusts, mutant bats, a vast flood these are the terrors that torment Lucy Lawless , writes Rob Salem", The Toronto Star, p. C05.

„They either overcompensate for the way they feel and are incredibly sycophantic or incredibly brusque in order to prove they don't think you're superior.“

—  Lucy Lawless
Discussing the differences between her fans in the United States and those in New Zealand— reported in Sarah Stuart (January 12, 2003) "Superstars in our midst", Sunday Star Times, p. A1.

„They're also surprised I'm only 6 feet tall. They expect someone much bigger. They say I'm younger and prettier in person, which I like.“

—  Lucy Lawless
On Xena fans' impression of Lawless when they encounter her in person — reported in Larry Bonko (March 10, 1997) "Hero Worship: Hercules. Xena. They're Tough. They're Sexy. And in the World of TV Syndication, They're Muscling Out the Competition", The Virginian-Pilot, p. E1.

„When you decide to become an opera singer, it's a commitment that allows nothing else to interfere. Even your family - and I have a young daughter - has to take second place.“

—  Lucy Lawless
On her decision not to pursue a career in grand opera, in favor of acting roles in television and film — reported in Times wires (April 11, 1998) "Television Q&A", St. Petersburg Times, p. 13D.

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