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Lin Join-sane

Data de nascimento: 17. Dezembro 1944


Lin Join-sane is a Taiwanese politician. He was the Chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation from 27 September 2012 until 20 May 2016.

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„The service trade agreement is a pact that benefits related sectors across the Taiwan Strait and promotes the interests of the public on both sides. It will result in a win-win situation for both sides.“

—  Lin Join-sane
Lin Join-sane (2013) cited in " Cross-strait service trade pact signed" on The Taipei Times (22 June 2013).

„I believe that both sides (Mainland China and Taiwan) will continue to be friendly while our (Republic of China) policies will remain firm.“

—  Lin Join-sane
Lin Join-sane (2013) cited in " Taiwan offices in China may pool officials cross-ministry: Wang Yu-chi" on Want China Times (15 March 2013).

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