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Keshub Chunder Sen

Data de nascimento: 19. Novembro 1838
Data de falecimento: 8. Janeiro 1884


Keshub Chandra Sen was an Indian Bengali philosopher and social reformer. Born a Hindu, he became a member of the Brahmo Samaj in 1856 but established his own breakaway "Bharatvarshiya Brahmo Samaj" in 1866 while the Brahmo Samaj remained under the leadership of Debendranath Tagore . In 1878 his followers abandoned him after the underage child marriage of his daughter which exposed his campaign against child marriage as hollow. Later in his life he came under the influence of Ramakrishna and founded a syncretic "New Dispensation" inspired by Christianity, and Vaishnav bhakti, and Hindu practices.

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Citações Keshub Chunder Sen

„Swami Vivekananda: The genuine orator exercises a sort of hypnotism over his audience. I have listened to many orators, Indian, English and American; but Keshub Chunder Sen is easily the greatest of all.“

—  Keshub Chunder Sen
Quoted by Charu Chandra Banerjee in a speech at Dhaka Purva Bangla Brahmo Samaj. Published in the Prabashi, Pous 1340 (1933). Reprinted in Brahmananda Keshub Chunder Sen “Testimonies in Memoriam”. Compiled by G.C.Banerji, Allahabad , 1934

„I was also pained to notice an institution which I certainly did not expect to find in this country – I mean caste.“

—  Keshub Chunder Sen
Your rich people are really Brahmins, and your poor people are Sudras. Speech at Hannover Square Rooms on the occasion of a Soiree held to bid him farewell on 12th September 1870.


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