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K. S. Lal

Data de nascimento: 1920
Data de falecimento: 2002

Kishori Saran Lal was an Indian historian. He wrote many historical books, mainly on medieval India. Many of his books, such as History of the Khaljis and Twilight of the Sultanate, are regarded as standard works.

Citações K. S. Lal

„The special interest of Muslims in sex slavery was universal and widespread.“

—  K. S. Lal

K.S.Lai, The Muslim Slave System in Medieval India, Aditya Prakasha, New Delhi, 1994. Quoted in Easy Meat, Inside Britain’s Grooming Gang Scandal by Peter McLoughlin.
Muslim Slave System in Medieval India (1994)

„Hindus and Muslims can both be fanatics, but it is only Muslims (and Christians) who can be fundamentalists.“

—  K. S. Lal, livro The Legacy of Muslim Rule in India

Fonte: The Legacy of Muslim Rule in India (1992), Chapter 8

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„Any study of the population of the precensus times can be based only on estimates, and estimates by their very nature tend to be tentative.“

—  K. S. Lal, livro Growth of Muslim Population in Medieval India

Preface (p. vi).
Growth of Muslim Population in Medieval India (1973)

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