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John Carroll

Data de nascimento: 1944


John Carroll is Emeritus Professor of Sociology at La Trobe University in Melbourne Australia. He is the author of Puritan, Paranoid, Remissive, Guilt, Ego and Soul, Humanism: The Rebirth and Wreck of Western Culture, and Intruders In The Bush: The Australian Quest For Identity. His Cambridge doctoral dissertation on epistemological anarchistic and anti-rationalist themes in Max Stirner, Nietzsche and Dostoyevsky was published as Breakout from the Crystal Palace . It was supervised by George Steiner. Puritan, Paranoid, Remissive echoed and developed upon themes in Philip Rieff's Triumph of the Therapeutic: Uses of Faith after Freud .

Humanism is Carroll's most ambitious work to date. Predicated on the view that Western high culture is in a declining if not nihilistic mode, Humanism traces this decline to an epistemic tyranny of reason and its subjection of other forms of knowing and understanding being. Carroll's often bleak diagnosis is primarily based on unique readings of canonic theological, philosophical and artistic texts including those by Sophocles, Calvin, Holbein, Donatello, Shakespeare, Rembrandt, Poussin, Henry James and John Ford. The heart of the book's analysis is highly indebted to Nietzsche's critique of "Socratic" culture in The Birth of Tragedy. Terror: a Meditation on the Meaning of September 11 is an application of many of the themes in the former work.

In The Western Dreaming and The Existential Jesus, Carroll rereads Gospel narratives and the ontology of Christ through a Heideggerian and non-theistic lens. His most recent work, Greek Pilgrimage, is an unabashed hellenophilic meditation on the nature of ancient Greek aesthetics and culture and what remains of the archaeological sites themselves. His forthcoming book, Land of the Golden Cities, is expected to be published late in 2016.

Citações John Carroll

„The act of greatest subversion … is the one of indifference.“

—  John Carroll
Context: The act of greatest subversion … is the one of indifference. A man, or a group, finds it unbearable that someone can be simply uninterested in his, or its, convictions. … There is a degree of complicity, or mutual respect, between the believer and the man who attacks his beliefs (the revolutionary), for the latter takes them seriously. p. 53


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