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Jello Biafra

Data de nascimento: 17. Junho 1958


Eric Reed Boucher , mais conhecido pelo nome artístico de Jello Biafra é um cantor e compositor de punk rock e ativista político americano, ex-vocalista da banda Dead Kennedys. Após o fim do Dead Kennedys, Jello participou de projetos musicais chamados Lard, NO WTO Combo, Jello Bifra with Mojo Nixon, Jello Biafra With No Means No, Jello Biafra With The Melvins. Jello também fez participações especiais em músicas como "Politricks" do Sepultura e "The Code is Red" do Napalm Death. Jello fez a introdução dos discos "Smash" e "Ixnay on the Hombre" do grupo The Offspring e do disco "Raza Odiada" do grupo Brujeria.

Em 2008 Jello formou uma nova banda chamada Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine para se apresentar na festa de seu aniversário de 50 anos, a banda gravou um disco em 2009 e tem estado em turnê desde então.

Pouca gente sabe mas o engajamento político de Jello Biafra foi tão forte que ele chegou a se candidatar a prefeito de São Francisco e ficou em quarto lugar entre dez candidatos.

Jello Biafra é proprietário da gravadora independente Alternative Tentacles.

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„We on the left keep dividing ourselves into little splinter groups. "Anyone who isn't a vegetarian is automatically evil!" "Anyone who isn't an environmentalist wants to pollute the world!" "If you're not gay, then you must be homophobic!" "Look at me wrong? You're a racist!" "Wear lipstick? You can't be a feminist!" Divide, Divide, Divide, Divide, Divide! And while the left is all up their own asses with their little pet causes, the right comes in and takes control over that which is rightly everyone's. And speaking of splinters, most pathetic of all: "The only thing that matters in the entire universe is the punk rock scene! And you're an evil, sell-out traitor to the sacred punk rock scene if you disagree with anything I say, listen to music that I don't like, dress funny, dress normal, laugh without permission, or even so much as speak to another artist who ever made a dime off of their years of hard work without at least beating them up first!"... how pathetic is that? Every day, I walk from my home to the offices of Alternative Tentacles, and I lose count of the number of people, including entire families, holding up cardboard signs saying "Homeless: Will Work for Food"! Hard as it may be for some crybabies to believe, people in that situation could care less that "Green Day and The Offspring sold out when they signed to major labels."! Other things are more important!“

— Jello Biafra
"Wake up and Smell the Noise", If Evolution is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Evolve

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