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James Martin (author)

Data de nascimento: 19. Outubro 1933
Data de falecimento: 24. Junho 2013


James Martin was a British Information Technology consultant and author, known for his work on information technology engineering. Martin was nominated for a Pulitzer prize for his book, The Wired Society: A Challenge for Tomorrow.

Citações James Martin (author)

„A new type of professional is emerging – the enterprise engineer“

—  James Martin (author)
p. xii, As cited in: Jan Hoogervorst (2009) Enterprise Governance and Enterprise Engineering. p. 9


„A horrifying amount of "business engineering" is done with the wrong strategic vision. A horrifying amount of IT development is done with the wrong business design.“

—  James Martin (author)
As cited in: " The Great Transition" Jurgens Pieterse April 7, 2006

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